Flow Element


Orifice Plates are most commonly used primary elements for flow measurement in pipe lines based on the principle of measurement  of “different pressure” created when an obstruction is placed in the fluid flow, due to increase in fluid velocity.

Orifice Plates cover a wide range of applications of fluid and operating conditions and they give an acceptable level of accuracies at lowest cost and long life without regular maintanance.

Total volume flow and mass flow are readily obtained by integrators.

Differential pressure type primary elements have been used for so long that they can be fabricated and used based on standard data and formula without actual fluid flow calibration, except when very high accuracy is required. Bernaulis theorem is used to derive basic Orifice bore calculation formula. The main international standards for calculating ratio (d/D) are R.W. Miller (Foxboro) ISO-5167, AGA, ASME, BS 1042.



The integral Orifice is a flow element capable of being closed coupled with differential pressure transmitters to make a complete compact, flow-metering-transmitting assembly, The integral Orifice provides easier, lower cost installation for handling small flows found frequently in plant meteting operations and research projects. Its available in 1/2 inch, 1 inch and 11/2 inch sizes. Construction can be internal NPT threaded integral style or with welded upstream and downstream flanged pipe runs.

Features :

Easy Installation

Accurate flow measurement

Threaded end conncetions

Flanged end meter runs available

Benefits :

Simplified installtion

Laboratory calibration not required

Standard Face to Face dimension