Thermowells are pockets drilled from solid bar or built-up using pipes, mode from thermally conductive, chemically resistant materials, used for installing thermocouples, RTD’s Temperature Gauges, Temperature Switches etc. on Pipe Lines / Vessels etc. in a Plant. This pocket can withstand high process pressures and are not affected by either high velocities of process fluids or corrosion caused by them. They not only protect the sensors / gauges and prevent failures / down time, but they also facilitate replacement of faulty sensors / gauges without disturbing or shutting down the process or draining the lines / vessels.

Type : Straight / Step Tapered / Full Tapered

Type of Coating : Teflon / Carbide / Ceramic / PVDF / Lead

Test : Hydro Test / Bore concentricity test

ID / OD : As per Customer Specifications

Length : As per Customer specification