Flow Nozzle

Flow nozzles are reasonably accurate devices for measuring the flow of high velocity, non viscous fluids. Flow Nozzles are particularly suitable for erosive fluids where a sharp  edges of an orifice plate could quickly deteriorate.

  • Venturi tubes are used on application where a low permanent pressure loss is required. Approximate 5 to 20 % of the measured differential pressure. Venturi tube can be used on clean and dirty fluids in line sizes from 25 mm to 1800 mm. supplied with  or without flanges for butt welding into on site pipe work.
  • Venturi tubes are particularly effective on steam and wet gas application.
  • Exact length is depends of the ration of throat to line diameter.
  1. Standard – ISO 5167/BS 1042
  2. Tapping – ½” NPT FEMALE others on request.
  3. Material – carbon steel , low temperature carbon steel, stainless steel , Duplex, Monel and Hastalloys.
  4. It is available in welded sheet inlet.
flow nozzle