Features :

  • Use as liquid or condensate traps, seal pots, vapor chambers and knockout pots.
  • All connectors are furnished with plastic plugs.
  • Chambers are made from seamless carbon steel pipe and weld caps. All pipe connections are 3000# half-couplings mounted on 90 Degree angle. Extra connections can be furnished upon customer request.
  • Heat code traceability
  • All welding as per ASME SEC. IX
  • All material will have mother test certificates.
  • All threads will be protected with dead plugs / plastic caps.
  • Piping code compliance ASME B31.1 and PED category I, Module – A.
  • Optional IBR approval is offered, depending upon customer requirement

Technical Specifications:

  • Size : Pipe size 2″,3″,4″ and larger size upon request.
  • Length : Pipe length 8″,10″,12″ and larger length upon request.
  • Work press. : 6000 Psig (413 Bar)
  • MOC : SS 316, SS 304, C.S., ASTM A 106 Gr B
  • Pipe Sch : 40, 80, 160, XX seamless pipe.
  • Chamber : As per ISA RP3
  • NPT :As per ANSI B1.20.1 taper pipe thread 1/2″ furnished.
  • Socket weld :as per ANSI B16.11
  • Butt-weld :as per ANSI B16.9
  • All chamber are 100% Factory tested prior to shipment.

Application :

Refineries, liquid petroleum gas processing plant, petro-chemical plants, systems difficult to shut off due to solid contents dust, rust, dirt etc.

Testing :

Hydrostatic shell test is performed at 1.5 times the working pressure.