Sight Glass

Fairflow SIGHT GLASS is FULL VIEW type for flow indicator, it used for bio directional and installed in any  Horizontal  or vertical orientation between any type of non transparent pipe line. It is suitable for any industrial application & provide a reliable , quick , economical way for flow verification. It is also suitable for corrosive chemicals, acids & colored liquids.

  1. MOC:-cast steel, SS 304, SS316, SS 304L & SS 316L
  2. Size :- End  Flanges as per ANSI B 16.5 /BS 10 /PN /DIN Std. – for 15 mm to 200 mm.
  3. Gasket :- PTFE /  CAF
  4. Glass: Tempered borosilicate
  5. Suitable up to 1250 Deg. C
  6. Pressure up to  Max 10 Bar
  7. Simple and easy to replace the glass & heavy duty in construction.